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     I specialize in all types of honey bee relocation/removal services. This includes swarming bee capture, hive removal and relocation, and extractions or "cut-outs". 


     I am your friendly local beekeeper(see my service area below). I am a school teacher by trade, yet saving the honeybees is my hobby. I am an active member of the Austin Urban Beekeepers Group. I love honey bees, and I make every effort to save our honey bees! Honey bees must like me! Every since I was a child, honey bees have seemed to "just find"(land on me in a friendly way) and be attracted to me where ever I am at the moment.  To some people, I am known as the "The Bee Enchanter".
     Notice: We are having a very large global problem of honey bee die-offs. I base my beekeeping responsibilities on natural and safe methods for bee management. My decisions are always based on what is best for the survival of the bees. I don't remove bees if the conditions, such as winter weather, do not give the bees a great chance of survival. I would suggest waiting until the conditions are right for the hive's survival. I do not wish to kill bees!

     Please take time to check out the web links I have provided further down this page. You will find them full of great information to help you in your quest to learn more about honey bees.

     Thanks so much for your sincere interest,
           Jim Hogg
     "The Bee Enchanter"
     The fall season is here and winter is around the corner.  As we move towards the winter season the flowering plants, that produce nectar, have ceased!  This seasonal reduction in nectar causes the honeybees to quit making wax combs to store the nectar in.  This also causes the honey bees to become angry as there is no more nectar for them to harvest!  You've probably had honeybees for some time now and are just now becoming aware of them because of their increased anger towards you and others.  THIS WILL PASS...READ BELOW AND PLEASE BE PATIENT.

     To save the honeybees, you must now wait until the spring time!!! Any removal of the bees at this time will cause the bees to die as they cannot survive in a new environment without their honey which is stored in the wax combs they have built. Any beekeeper removing the honeybees at this time is just after the honey itself and does not have the wellness of the honeybees at heart!

     And as a result of the current season,
I have quit honeybee extractions for the year and will begin again in the spring.  The honeybees will go into hibernation for the winter eating the honey they made and stored.  They do not fly when the temperature is 50F and lower.  Also, they will not do any more damage where they are currently located because of their winter hibernation.  

     If you would truly like to save the honeybees, please contact me in the spring around the time we see the Redbud trees blooming.  Thank you for your interest in saving the honeybees!

     The honey bees I recover are placed in a nice new hive(home) located in north Hays County or western Travis County, Texas. I have other apiaries available in nearby areas and these apiaries are utilized as proper bee hive management dictates. Each new hive is watched and managed for hive success and growth. This may include replacing the original queen with a strong and successfully mated queen of genetics that best suit that particular group of feral bees.
     Once the relocated bees have established themselves and have become a strong and healthy hive, they are ready for people to put them on their property for their gardens, etc.

     I have successfully extracted and relocated alive many of our area's honey bees from many different environments; trees, barns, floors, walls, concert speakers, a pile of old tires, old cars, house eves, ceilings, and attics. I have a special trick for safely getting bees out of trees.

     My honey bee removals are designed to safely and naturally extract the honey bees into live cages that facilitate a smooth transfer of them into their new home(hive). I have great success in keeping the honey bees alive and healthy!!! My work is very professional and I have many happy families/businesses that are now safe and free of their honey bee infestation.

     I always wish I could take more pictures of my cut-outs, but there is not always someone willing to take the pics in the heat of bee hive extractions. And I, of course, have sticky hands and protective gear on which is not always conducive to great photography. But of course, I have a few pics for you to check-out anyway.

     This link has a few of my favorite honeybee pictures for you!!!

     The following link is provided by one of my many happy customers, who actually had a volunteer take these photos of the extraction process.  I thought it was pretty cool so I provided their web link. (Environment:  A 15 feet elevated hive behind a stucco wall. The hive entrance was on the back-side wall's overhead eve. Location: A church building.)

     My service area is the following counties of Texas:
Bastrop, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Comal, Guadalupe, Hayes, Travis, and Williamson.

     Please contact me via phone call or email. Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I would love to help you, answer any questions, and/or address any concerns you may have! I offer free bids. I am honest and have fair pricing for my professional services. I also have discounts available. I am NOT part of some large franchised company.
     Please call me:         Jim  at   512/228-0022      
     Email me here:     info  AT  daddysbees  DOT  com

    I have provided you a few of my favorite bee links.

         Bee Keeping Tutorials
         Bee Supplies and Equipment   (Also other items including bee repellents)
         Bee Packages and Nucs
         My Favorite Bee Plants Which You Can Offer To The Bees
    I am a current member of the following professional beekeeping associations:
         Austin Urban Beekeeping Group
         Texas Beekeepers Association
         Texas Apiary Inspection Service


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